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The Economic Geographers is an independently owned economic consulting firm that believes in the power of economics to enhance prosperity and quality of life in America's communities. We specialize in the economics of place -- how cities, counties, and census tracts impact and are impacted by economic decisions such as real estate development, business expansion, and busi-ness relocation. By leveraging this knowledge and applying it to our core Economic Impact, Site Selection, and custom Strategy services, we provide critical insight that will allow you to create long term, measurable growth in your community. 

"Mr. Klingler has provided outstanding work on several economic and technical feas-ibility studies, providing super-lative value to the projects for which he was engaged. A pleasure to work with."

- K. Russell Peterman, Executive Director, Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center

"We recommend the Economic Geographers without hesitation or reservation! It had been very difficult for us to assemble housing related impact data from our funded projects. Danny and Carrie hit the ground running and didn't stop until they had uncovered compelling, relevant information using creative methods. Their results and the report they provided us were excellent!

- Howard and Donna Smith, Smith NMTC Associates



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what's this?
These data are required in order for us to start the project, as they serve as the "input" that allows us to calculate economic impacts.

what's this?
These data are required in order for us to start the project, as they serve as the "input" that allows us to calculate economic impacts.

Having access to more input data increases the accuracy of the report. If, for example, you have Total Project cost data broken down into various categories, please provide us with this information. If you also have data on square footage, provide us with that also. If your square footage data is broken down by use (office, retail, etc.) provide us with that also. And so on.

what's this?
Every economic impact is per-formed for a specific geography. You may wish to know the impact of a given project on a small city, or you may wish to know the impact on an entire state. You may even wish to know both.

Every city, county, state, and zip code has its own particular set of economic conditions. These specific economic conditions are captured by complex models for each geographic location. In order for us to get started, we need to have this geographic data.

All of our data is obtained dir-ectly from the Minnesota Implan Group. We charge you exactly what it costs us to obtain the data - no markups or add-ons.

who we are

The Economic Geographers is an economic consulting firm committed to seeing positive, sustainable economic change in communities in which we work. Out core expertise is understanding the movement of capital and its impact on local communities.

what we do

We specialize in economic impact consulting for new markets tax credit projects, real estate development, and industrial expansion, helping both public and private partners convey the positive community impacts of their investment.

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Site Selection

Systematic evaluation of potential bus-iness and real estate locations based on relevant factors such as acquisition cost, workforce, infrastructure, & incentives.

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Economic Impacts

Basic and Comprehensive assessments of the direct and indirect effects of a given investment on a community, utilizing customized primary research.

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Strategic assessments, custom economic analysis, program direction, and program implementation for community economic development organizations.

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